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  • Tammi Imel

The Way Through Chronic Illness & Pain: Taking Life Back from the Thief

As a woman, educator, and therapist living with Chronic Illness, Pain and disabilities, I've spent countless hours thinking about why chronic pain and illness are so incredibly debilitating.

When you are diagnosed with an autoimmune illness or are in an accident, or perhaps are living with cancer or disabilities, life changes suddenly. How we are perceived changes suddenly. What we can do on a daily basis is often only a small percentage of what we could always manage previously.

Also, many women have persons in their lives who doubt the effect of the trauma of chronic illness or pain. This is a painful experience, and n additional trauma.

What do these experiences rob from us ? Many things, unfortunately. Self-respect can be shaken, self-esteem often plummets, hours of seeming inactivity robs us of productivity. We may develop troublesome thoughts about others who are ble to continue with their lives, health and happiness intact.

Perhaps the biggest area that these traumatic events rob from us are certainty in our abilities, the ability to make and keep plans, self esteem, and trust in our body to do what we have planned to do.

As a woman who has lived and fought cancer numerous times, battles with RA and Crohn's disease and other AI issues, including chronic pain, I had to be off of work for four years.

With self-advocacy in the medical community, medication, stress management, and learning invaluable skills and perspectives, I now own and operate -- once again --- a thriving private practice. Some of my happiest moments are helping other women learn to live their fullest life, despite their trauma. Peace and health be yours!

Warmest Regards,

Tammi Imel MA, LMHC

Owner, Lighted Pathways Therapy & Consultation

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