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  • Tammi Imel

OCD: Often Missed in Women

Many people are familiar with one type of OCD: Persons who fear germs, count, or wash. There is another type of OCD that we call "Pure O" OCD.

"Pure O" OCD often goes undetected, and is mistaken for simple anxiety. This type of OCD involves mainly obsessions and compulsions that are done in the mind. Symptoms of this type of OCD are feeling extreme anxiety/panic, going over and over conversations in your mind to analyze them for anything "bad", "wrong", or "offensive", feeling the strong urge to pray for forgiveness many times a day, or say prayers near constantly in order to protect yourself or others.

Another symptom is fearing that you have done something horrible to someone, even though the person denies your behavior every hurt them or was inappropriate. Also, intrusive thoughts of hurting oneself or others (that you are horrified by), graphic sexual images, or other very disturbing and distracting images arising in one's mind.

OCD is often difficult for women to discuss, as they feel as if they are "crazy" or that no one would believe them innocent of these thoughts. Women who have anxiety are more at risk for OCD.

OCD is something that I enjoy treating, and I have ample experience in helping women who have OCD. We utilize workbooks and other activities, as well as medication, to manage OCD so you can start living a much more comfortable life!

Tammi Imel, MA, LMHC

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