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Which Approach to Therapy is the Best?

If you’ve been in therapy before, you might guess that there is no “best” therapy. If that’s your guess, you are correct.

The best predictor of a positive therapy outcome is a match between the therapist and proivder. No matter which approach to therapy is used, the single best predictor of positive change is the therapeutic reliance: the fit between the client and the therapist.

Each therapist will have been mentored in certain approaches to therapy, but over time and continuing education, may master more approaches to therapy.

The overall goals of therapy are similar for most persons: aleve suffering, and increase enjoyment and peace. This occurs through changing how we think and feel. Therapeutic approaches and techniques are simply varied ways to make this change happen.

The best therapy is the therapy that is a good fit for you, makes sense in your worldview, provided someone with whom you feel like is trustworthy and understands you. Happy healing!

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